We are nearly ready to go!

It’s been a busy summer here for Nubis Vision, and we are nearly ready to go live and start operating commercially. Our Operation Manual, which is mandatory for all UK CAA approved UAV operators, has been submitted for assessment and once that has been completed we can apply for our permission for aerial work. We […]

Rumours about GoPro releasing their own drone are everywhere!

    While it’s been difficult to find any concrete facts when it comes to GoPro and their plans to release their own drone, we have been able to find a few really great nuggets of information. Now, as most of you already know, GoPro has been in business creating aerial drone camera equipment for […]

The Benefits of Using Drones in Farms

The drone industry has been widely appreciated for its aerial photography and filming applications, but recently it has been in the news for a number of other reasons. These devices have a number of real world applications and their benefits, as far as farming is concerned, are simply unbelievable. There has been a lot of […]

The Evolution of Drones: Then and Now

While we are just about to get accustomed to drones being used by the military for missions where threat to human life is very high, a new trend seems to be booming over the last couple of years. We are now very close to a world where commercial and consumer drones will be flying across […]

GoPro moving beyond just Cameras

  The announcement last week that GoPro has acquired the French company Kolor, who produce photo stitching software, is another move to keep the company ahead of the competition. With the likes of DJI trying to move people away from using GoPro’s and creating their own high quality 4K cameras as seen on the new […]

Quadcopter safety video from DJI

A very handy little video from CAA and First Person View the safety rules for flying a Quadcopter.

DJI Phantom 3 First look and review

A Great review of Phantom 3 and creating multi layer panoramic photos. I must admit to having concerns over the quality of the camera compared with a GoPro, but it does seem DJI have delivered not only one of best drones to the market yet, including a high quality camera to rival the GoPro. http://flytpath.com/dji-phantom-3-first-look-and-review/

3DR Solo with full GoPro control

With DJI annoucing their very impressive Phantom 3 last week, today it was the turn of 3DR with their new Solo quadcopter. It certainly will be interesting to see a how the DJI inbuilt 4K camera in the Phantom 3 compares to the GoPro Hero 4. For those that want to stay with GoPro’s is […]

French company invests in Drone Technology

French energy company GDF Suez said Wednesday it was investing in Redbird, a civilian drone company, to monitor natural gas infrastructures. http://www.upi.com/Business_News/Energy-Resources/2015/04/01/French-energy-company-invests-in-drones/5751427883499/

Phantom 3 Rumour Mill

The Phantom 3 rumour mill is in full stream at the moment, with this site reporting to have the full specs and price of the new Phantom 3. http://dronetechreport.com/dji-phantom-3-revealed/ We will wait and see if this actually correct or not. Personally I think the price is to high for the Phantom series, but then again […]

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