Amazon tests delivery drones in Canada

To get around the hassle of dealing with the FAA, and the very slow US approval of drones, Amazon takes it’s testing of drones to Canada.

Phantom 2 Yaw Drift

The weather down here in Sussex was terrible this weekend, so very little flying achieved, apart from on Friday evening, when I did noticed that my Phantom 2 was drifting. Googling around I came across this forum article which looks like it might cure the issue. I will look at running through this later […]

One man and his drone

Another great use of drones, this time a farmer using a drone for rounding up his sheep.

Ambulance Drone

With all the drone innovations coming along at the moment, one area I find of a very keen interest is drones been developed for good purposes. And this particular project, a flying defibrillator, shows just how drones can be used and benefit everyone. Developed by a dutch engineer, it can fly at speeds up to […]

Growing UK Drone Opportunties

Amazon drone complaints ‘could be opportunity for UK’

CAP 722, Unmanned Aircraft System Operations in UK Airspace – 6th Edition

6th Edition of the CAP 722, guidance for Unmanned Aircraft System Operations in UK Airspace was released yesterday.

European Drone Regulations Are About To Get Smarter And More Permissive

Drone regulations continue to evolve to keep pace with innovation.  

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