Phantom 3 Rumour Mill

Phantom 3 Rumour Mill


The Phantom 3 rumour mill is in full stream at the moment, with this site reporting to have the full specs and price of the new Phantom 3.

We will wait and see if this actually correct or not. Personally I think the price is to high for the Phantom series, but then again are DJI keeping the price high so people don’t just rush out and buy one as a toy, giving drones bad name when they are caught spying on their neighbours sun bathing.

The site also reports that the Phantom 3 will be half the size of the Phantom 2, again I find this hard to believe. The P2 is fairly small to start with and provides limited room for any additional items such as GPS trackers and FPV boards, etc. With the Phantom 3 been rumoured to be half the size where does that leave room for additional hardware? Are DJI trying to kill off third party add ons?

No doubt though, within the next couple of days, we will know all about this new drone and all our questions will be answered.



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