Rumours about GoPro releasing their own drone are everywhere!

Rumours about GoPro releasing their own drone are everywhere!

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While it’s been difficult to find any concrete facts when it comes to GoPro and their plans to release their own drone, we have been able to find a few really great nuggets of information. Now, as most of you already know, GoPro has been in business creating aerial drone camera equipment for years now, and most aerial drone enthusiasts respect the GoPro company highly for that same reason.

GoPro came to the conclusion that it was time for them to use the money they made selling their camera equipment, and use it to advertise the release of a new line of aerial drone scheduled for 2016 carrying the GoPro name.

That’s smart thinking to expand upon the already successful GoPro trademark, and make business moves to expand the GoPro company. According to recent rumours, the GoPro aerial drone will be priced at around £1,000. And that’s great, because most other competing drones in the same class, like the DJI Phantom 3 and 3DR Solo cost around £1,000 each.

GoPro Drones – Strong and Affordable Enough to Compete With DJI, 3DR and Yuneec?

So far, we see that the GoPro drone is affordable enough to be competitive in the consumer drone class. But what about features? We actually haven’t been able to find a single description of what the new GoPro drone will come with. But we’re thinking that GoPro will actually put some money toward making the drone great and impressing their already faithful customer base. If they do, they stand to instil even more consumer confidence in their brand name.

GoPro spherical_explorer

The aerial drone isn’t all that’s scheduled for release. GoPro is also releasing a spherical camera rig with 6 cameras, which is a revolutionary design GoPro says will catch on with mainstream consumers soon. Of course, the spherical camera system is a bit more expensive than a traditional single lens camera with a 3 axis gimbal. But, like any other tech advancement, the invention of a spherical camera rig costs money to design and develop, so it’s a bit more expensive during the time when it’s just been released. Over time, the price will go down to a more affordable level.

A Little Background about the GoPro Company

GoPro was originally founded by Nick Woodman in 2002. The inspiration behind the start-up of his company was a holiday to Australia to make some videos of his surfing abilities. He was left empty-handed in being able to capture any photos or videos, because no one had any camera equipment he could buy for an affordable price. So he decided to capitalise on starting a company that manufactured affordable, yet “top of the line” quality, camera equipment.

The first digital GoPro camera was sold in 2007 (Digital Hero 3). And now as of 2015, the management of the GoPro company has been taken over by Microsoft executive Tony Bates. It’s a pretty impressive accomplishment to have the backing of an actual Microsoft staff member to watch over the health of your business. The future of GoPro looks bright!



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